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Family Life

National Adoption Month   

November is National Adoption Month! MaryPat St. Jean is here to share her story of how she and her husband, Tom, were called to adopt four children.



Are you or a someone you know planning a Catholic wedding? Are you looking for parenting tips and ideas? Do you want access to more articles about living out a happy and holy marriage? Follow our Pinterest page for prayers, date ideas, and family life resources!


Pope Francis Corner

From the Archives: Hope as a Response to Death in the Family 

November is a month to remember our loved ones who have passed away. In a summer 2015 general audience, Pope Francis speaks about how a hopeful response to death in the family can strengthen familial bonds.



Featured Blog: From Vow ‘Til Now 

We Are All Called to be Witnesses of God’s Love

By Dennis Weiss

What do the consecrated life and marriage have in common? After attending the professions of two Dominican sisters, Dennis finds some similarities in the vows of a religious and the marriage vows between a man and a woman.



Book of the Month

Partnership Parenting: How Men and Women Parent Differently-Why It Helps Your Kids and Can Strengthen Your Marriage

By Kyle and Marsha Pruett

Reviewed by Kathleen O’Beirne

Women and men are complementary, bringing a unique blend of strengths-and differences–to parenting. Kyle and Marsha Pruett combine their careers in professional research and parenting to provide advice for parents to build a strong co-parenting relationship.



Marriage in the News  

From the Archives: A Happy Spouse May Make You Healthier 

A recent study focused on the effect the happiness of a spouse has on a person’s health. Results found that a happy spouse positively affects the physical well-being on their significant other, resulting in a happier life together and better marriage.



Marriage Tip of the Month

November 19: “His master said to him, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy.” (Mt 25:21) God is calling us to share in His joy through the sacrament of marriage. Don’t forget to share smiles and laughter with your spouse.


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