A Guide to Receiving the Sacraments



This is a brief overview of the sacraments which we have in the Roman Catholic Church and what one needs to do to receive them.  There is a brief explanation of the sacrament and what requirements there are for receiving the sacrament. The explanation and requirements given here are not complete, just an overview, so please call the parish office to get the complete answers to your questions.baptismFountain2

“Catching Up” On Your Sacraments

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, a Catholic gets baptized but then does not receive any other sacrament or just perhaps Holy Communion. They then realize that they would like to renew their faith and have the other sacraments. This is really great. They are following God’s call to become fully initiated Catholics, and we are most happy to help them out. Each person is different, so we urge you to call the Parish Office  at 480-948-8370 so that you can be placed in the best program for you.

Coming Into the Catholic Church

Many times a person who is not Catholic will feel drawn to the Catholic buy soma drugs online Church. This can happen for a variety of reasons: the person is married to a Catholic, and likes the faith he/she sees in his/her spouse; the person is on a spiritual journey and has seen God working in some way in the Catholic Church; or the person has been drawn to the Church by a Catholic friend or acquaintance. In any case we welcome any and all who want to discover our Catholic Church, its spirituality, its way of life, its way of prayer.  Adults who have questions about the Catholic Faith or who are seeking full initiation into the Catholic Faith, may enter this process of faith formation at anytime.

Based on your background, if you are baptized or not baptized, or if you have had any education in the tenets of Christianity, etc., you will be placed in a program best suited to your needs and expectations.

Planning an Event


We at The Community of the Blessed Sacrament hope this information will be a help to you. To contact us, eMail or call the Parish Office at 480-948-8370.